How we helped this sporting club with their bookkeeping when their CEO suddenly left them in the cold

When the CEO of a local sporting club suddenly resigned, we stepped in managed their bookkeeping and compliance. Here’s how we helped them.

The problem

We’ve seen this time and time again, but it’s a serious problem that many businesses have – not having a backup person for their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

In this business, the CEO was the one who did all of the bookkeeping and payroll. When the CEO resigned, the business didn’t have anyone to take care of the bookkeeping duties the previous CEO was in charge of.

The solution

We were able to review all of their existing processes and status of their accounting records. When we did so, we found many ways in which their processes were hurting the business. 

We were able to streamline some of their processes including supplier invoices. 

What was the outcome?

While the business was looking for a new CEO, we were able to take care of the financial side of things to make sure the club’s operations were still able to run smoothly.

The directors were able to have peace of mind knowing that their business’s financial processes weren’t being held up by one person. They knew if the situation was to happen again, they would have no problems on the financial-side of things. 

What does this mean for your business?

Are you or someone else in your business a “linchpin?” Will your business’s whole operations stop if you take a holiday or are otherwise not looking over the business 24/7? If you want to have peace of mind about your business, schedule a call and let’s get everything sorted.