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I talk to professional business people every day of the week. What they always want to talk about is how to get financial reports quickly  and accurately, whether their payroll is correct, is the BAS is up to date  and who owes them money.

Hiring and retaining accounts staff is expensive. The people I talk to don’t want to be bothered with trying to supervise accounts staff or doing it themselves, they just want the job done quickly, accurately and economically. That’s how we help with your bookkeeping and payroll.

Scroll down to see what the time lord has to say.


Hand With Watch

The Time Lord

Have you ever thought that you would like a couple more hours in your day? Who hasn’t? Doctor Who may be able to do this but we mere mortals have to work smarter.

When you’re doing the things you love, time is a sweet song that eases you through the day to a fulfilled outcome.

When you are doing the things that you ‘HAVE’ to do, time is a drag. You may feel exhausted; you may feel that you have wasted your time doing the ‘CHORES’.

You know the things that are keeping you away from what’s important.

  • Is it working on growing your business?
  • Is it getting home on time?
  • Is it that trip overseas?

We can help give you some time back. What you do with your extra time is up to you.

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Pain Management

We are not talking about the strained muscle from netball or touch footy; an ice pack might help with this.

We are talking about the pain when you get an overdue letter from the ATO; or when a supplier calls about an unpaid bill; or the pain you feel when you have missed a sales call; or even when you haven’t got the cash to pay payroll (this does happen).

The pain many business owners know all to well is that feeling of waking up at 2am, only to realise you have forgotten to do something for a client earlier that day, because you were too busy doing the ‘CHORES’ (See Time Lord section).

The pains of managing or owning a business can’t be cured totally, but they can be reduced.

Have you ever spent hours on some IT matter only to realise you would have been better off calling an expert in the beginning and then calling an expert? I have. I wasted hours then realised IT is not my thing.

We can help with the pain of doing the chores when you should be doing what you are good at.

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Woman Doing Yoga
Person Holding A Crystal Ball

Window Cleaner or Crystal Ball

Whether we are getting the bugs off the windscreen or looking into the future we still need a clear view.

In your business you need to see the future to get there.

Your future may be a business that runs itself or is one that lets you play with the kids or have that holiday you have been thinking about.

In any case you need to know how your business is travelling.

  • Are you making a profit?
  • Is it the best you can do?
  • Are your customers paying their bills on time, or at all?
  • How is your cash flow management?
  • Are you using an overdraft to cover your debtors?
  • Do you have your “P&L” report within 2 weeks of end of month?

To paraphrase ‘Julie Andrews’ in the Sound of Music, “these are a few of my favourite things” we provide to our clients.

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