Q and A:

Q: Can I open more than one page of my Xero file?

A: To open a second (or more) pages in your Xero file go to your browser tab & Right Click, you should get an option to Duplicate the page. You can then switch between pages.

Q: Is it possible to have more than 1 Xero file open at the same time?

A: Yes; this is very useful if you have two Xero files & want to make comparisons.  This can be done by opening another (different) browser & logging in again.  You can also use your usual browser but open it in a private or incognito mode then log in again then open your other file.

How to adjust leave accruals in Xero accounting:

  1. Go to Payroll > Pay Runs > Add Pay Run > Select Unscheduled Pay Run
  2. Select the relevant employee
  3. Remove any unwanted Earnings/Deduction/Reimbursement Lines.
  4. Click on the relevant leave accrual line.
  5. Ensure “Calculate Rate” is set to “No” and click OK
  6. Click into the leave accrual hours field and enter a negative or positive value to offset their Leave Balance
  7. Review pay slip is correct.
  8. Post the pay run.

This will increase/decrease the employee/s leave balance and create a record of the adjustment for future reference.

Thanks to Xero’s fantastic help team for this.

How to see important accounts on your Xero Dashboard:

The Account Watchlist is a very useful feature for keeping an eye on important accounts such as ‘Superannuation Payable’ or ‘Wages Payable’

To add an account to this panel: –

  1. Go to the Chart of Accounts section in the Accounting tab
  2. Select the account you wish to show in the Accounts Watchlist
  3. When the Account Details box opens, check the Show on accounts watchlist button then save.
  4. Return to your dashboard and the account will appear in the Accounts Watchlist.

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